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2 Thessalonians 2:3

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Dec 10, 2010
Nun embezzles $1.2Million  from Catholic College

11:15 AM

CNN - "Sister Susie," a nun who was Iona College's top financial officer, has been charged with embezzling $1.2 million over the past decade, reports The Journal News in Westchester County, N.Y.

The Journal News reported in October that Marie Thornton, former vice president of finance at the school in New Rochelle, was suspected of stealing about $800,000 from the college.

Iona has issued a statement calling the U.S. attorney's figure of $1.2 million "significantly inaccurate" but would not elaborate.

Sister Susie, as Thornton was known on campus, has pleaded not guilty and is free without bond. Her lawyer, Sanford Talkin, declined to comment on what the newspaper called "suspicion in the Iona community that she was a gambler who frequented Atlantic City casinos during her years at the school."

The college did not report the theft to police, the paper said. It was reported to the Internal Revenue Service in May of this year in the college's tax forms. The filing said an employee had stolen about $80,000 a year in small amounts by signing fraudulent checks and using a college credit card.

Thornton is accused of stealing the money from 1999 to 2009.

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